SHA2017 Suspect File1 (100)


Suspect File 1 (100)

We found some software on our suspects development server, it looks like they created some different versions, are you able to crack the software?

Challenge created by the Digital and Biometric Traces division of the Netherlands Forensic Institute.


root@ubuntu:/home/k3y6reak/Desktop# ./100
root@ubuntu:/home/k3y6reak/Desktop# ./100 a

해당 바이너리를 실행하면 위와같이 Sorry만 출력한다.

IDA를 이용해서 디컴파일하여 소스코드를 보게 되면 아래와 같이 do~while()로 시작하는 것을 알 수 있으며 v10 값이 0xc9702e05되어야만 Yes!를 출력한다.

	}while(v10 != 0xc9702e05)

가장 처음 비교하는 부분인 0x8048977에 Breakpoint를 걸어두고 r aaaaaaaaa로 실행한 뒤 finish 명령을 계속해서 실행한다.

.text:08048977                 cmp     eax, 96C8ACCAh
.text:0804897C                 jg      short loc_8048990
.text:0804897E                 cmp     eax, 8FD5472Dh
.text:08048983                 jnz     short loc_8048977
.text:08048985                 jmp     short loc_8048940
EAX: 0x5c4742c2
EBX: 0x8048164 (<_init>:	push   ebx)
ECX: 0x80ed5e8 --> 0x0
EDX: 0xe6cbc1fb
ESI: 0x80ea0c4 --> 0x8068270 (<__strcpy_sse2>:	mov    edx,DWORD PTR [esp+0x4])
EDI: 0x46 ('F')
EBP: 0xffffd4f8 --> 0x1000
ESP: 0xffffd370 ("flag{57201791ea24f3acd852cee3271333a8}\002\002")
EIP: 0x8048977 (<main+263>:	cmp    eax,0x96c8acca)
EFLAGS: 0x246 (carry PARITY adjust ZERO sign trap INTERRUPT direction overflow)
   0x804896d <main+253>:	or     cl,al
   0x804896f <main+255>:	mov    eax,0x6b8a9776
   0x8048974 <main+260>:	cmovne eax,edx
=> 0x8048977 <main+263>:	cmp    eax,0x96c8acca
   0x804897c <main+268>:	jg     0x8048990 <main+288>
   0x804897e <main+270>:	cmp    eax,0x8fd5472d
   0x8048983 <main+275>:	jne    0x8048977 <main+263>
   0x8048985 <main+277>:	jmp    0x8048940 <main+208>
0000| 0xffffd370 ("flag{57201791ea24f3acd852cee3271333a8}\002\002")
0004| 0xffffd374 ("{57201791ea24f3acd852cee3271333a8}\002\002")
0008| 0xffffd378 ("01791ea24f3acd852cee3271333a8}\002\002")
0012| 0xffffd37c ("1ea24f3acd852cee3271333a8}\002\002")
0016| 0xffffd380 ("4f3acd852cee3271333a8}\002\002")
0020| 0xffffd384 ("cd852cee3271333a8}\002\002")
0024| 0xffffd388 ("2cee3271333a8}\002\002")
0028| 0xffffd38c ("3271333a8}\002\002")
Legend: code, data, rodata, value

Breakpoint 1, 0x08048977 in main ()

finish명령을 계속해서 실행하면 위와같이 stack에 flag에 대한 정보가 나오게 된다.

root@ubuntu:/home/k3y6reak/Desktop# ./100 flag{57201791ea24f3acd852cee3271333a8}

따라서 flag{57201791ea24f3acd852cee3271333a8}가 된다.

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